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Friday, July 2, 2010

#FanServiceFriday 7/2/10

#FanServiceFriday is back this week (as well as my blogging).  To commemorate the Fourth Of July weekend we are jumping into, here's a picture of Aoi Nishimata from Shuffle.

Hopefully you here state side get to enjoy the holiday; don't work too much and enjoy the weather (if it's good) ^^

Just some quick announcements:

1)Pardon the long gap in posts ^^;; I've been trying to find a place to warehouse all of my anime items since Fulfillment By Amazon turned out to be a failure due to them not letting me ship world wide...plus all of the anime orders I do a day are keeping me from updating the blog.

I have found a place 10 minutes from my house and I might even be able to be a PR rep for them for their service...more on that in due time.

2) Finally got that error on the feeds taken care of. So now the product feeds here, the anime.fm blog and charlesgaffney.com are back in action.  This also means that the anime sanctuary project will be back on track as well.

3) The mascot/site banner contest will be coming to a close this month (the 25th) so if you want a shot at nabbing Nendoroid & Figma Black Rock Shooter, better send in your art soon.

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