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Friday, October 9, 2009

Otaku USA

Today I came home to a great surprise. Got a free copy of the December 2009 issue of Otaku USA Magazine. Why did I get a free copy? Well, that's because you'll find us in the magazine ^_^.

Ok well, not exactly a story on us (yet), but on page 117 you will see a banner for this site and the store. Very exciting and this issue of Otaku USA has lots of good stuff, particularly about Clamp (duh) and all the series Clamp is responsible for like the recent Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and who can't forget Card Captor Sakura and Chobits? Just browsing through I saw a very cool article too on the beginnings of anime with stuff that would make Gigantor look new.

I know many of you miss NewType being in the states but Otaku USA is probably the biggest anime magazine in the country with over 300,000 subscribers and can be found at many news stations and even at Walmarts. Been trying to get an ad together for them for some time now and hopefully this won't be the last time our banner is in there as well as hopes of being in there in an article. I am responsible for a BusinessWeek article so it's only a matter of time ^_^


  1. I read the business week article and replied to a particularly dumb comment someone made on it. I think it's incredible that someone so young such as yourself already has a good business going and with great customer service to boot. They say that a man's reputation is worth more than gold, and by that token your business is certainly worth 10x more than gold.

  2. Thank you ^_^ I hope that I will continue to make this anime business grow and with customer service in mind. That guy from the article either works in India in technical support and is upset that future businesses will make them obsolete with email-centric services (and thus more local jobs again) or he's just upset that somebody isn't planning on working a job all their life. Despite me being an honor student and such, I tend to bash the entire school/college/job slavery cycle we tend to force people in here in the US. The internet has made it where anyone can brand themselves and eventually never need a resume or the breath of an unloyal boss breathing down their neck. For some odd reason it's taboo to question the educational status quo -_-. Plus (getting more back to the topic at hand) automated systems and outsourced support are perfect examples of a company that wrongfully thinks customer service is to be put on the back-burner. Customer service is the main task while what you sell or a service you do is the side-note. (Long comment on my end ^^;; but again thank you for that very nice comment )

  3. No problem. It's justified because I've conducted business with you in the past and know my experience has been very positive. A lot more so than being forced to call a long number, press a series of numbers to finally try to get a hold of a service rep, then be put on hold for an hour.

    I like your ideas about business and breaking the mold of society through self-branding and self-employed opportunities. I think it's great that you've had the guts, charisma, and determination to pull it off. I'm sure it required all three and then some. I wish you luck in your rapidly growing business and hope to buy from you in the future. And perhaps even cover a video game section for your store/site, since I'm an avid gamer/writer/editor. That might be a discussion for another time, but it's something to think about if you ever want to expand in that direction.

  4. Awesome. Glad I was of help to you ^_^ As you see, email and web use is nowadays more practical than phone calls. I too hate calling a call center -_-

  5. No comment on the video game part? I'm curious. ;)

  6. Oh yeah ^^; That section in the mag is always cool. One game in there looks to be from the artist who did Final Fantasy Tactics

  7. Not what I was getting at but ok. ;)

    I was just curious if you were ever going to expand this site to cover video games and if you would need help doing so.

  8. oh duh ^^;; I sure do plan on expanding to video games ^^. I do have a video games portion of the blog (just haven't updated it lately) If you'd like you can join the member's News section and post video game stuff there. You can email me at ctgaffney@gmail.com or orders@chucksanimeshrine.com and I'll send you the blogger invite. It can be a good way to promote your blog too if you have one. I am also giving away a Nendoroid Shining Wind Kureha to a lucky blog poster...sadly despite a bunch of people signing up..nobody has posted anything -_- They are ALL missing out -_-


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