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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Otaku Celebrate Obama Win!

I know many of you Otaku were indeed rooting for Obama just like our friends in Japan and others across the world did. Just take a look at Grant Park and you will see something to behold with that amazing crowd. Congrats to Barack Obama from all of us Otaku here. I know my vote in NY went through and now it is time for America to be the country it was meant to be. We Otaku have seen for years how the conservative mindset has poisoned anime, video games and other items we enjoy. We have more importantly seen how that type of negative mindset has hurt global relations, human progression and the lives of the young, the future of this country. For too long has America been to some respect, a more modern, western version of the middle east extremist views, bound by the old human flaws of racism, sexism and religious tyranny toward common sensical life. I hope now that this win for Obama will be a great thing for the world and I think Otaku both here and in japan knew that before hand. Let's hope we were right.

Posted by ShoZu


  1. Well said. Here is to hoping to a brighter future for the US, and indeed the world through his actions, under Obama.

  2. "Let's hope we were right."

    You're kidding right...? I'm one of those "evil conservatives" but I don't see how anime, video games, etc. have been ruined.

    But hey, if Obama screws up... you can't blame Bush.

  3. That remark I made was toward how "evil" conservative, mainly Christian ideals created such a problem for anime's acceptance here in America. Games and anime for years have been censored to cater to mindless religious thought that cartoons are suppose to be for kids. It's changed though in recent years thankfully but even as recent as last week an evil cultist branch of UNICEF is trying to rid of swimsuits in anime. The world has grown up from fairy-tales and religious tyranny. This election proved that common-sensical people are now in control of the US and I no longer will be embarrassed to say I'm a American. Conservatives call us "liberal" but it really just means we don't have our heads so far up our rears and mindless fairy-tale books that we can't think or act in a civil manner.

    You are right though, if Obama messes up, we can't blame Bush, but unlike McCain/Bush/Palin, he doesn't feel so much that God got him in office. He realizes we need to fix problems here and now in the real world thus gaining back the respect of Japan and many other nations.

  4. I'm so very glad Obama won. I really felt like a true American for the first time in 8 years when the news came in. Reading comments on online newspapers; I don't see how people say the country is in mourning or that Obama doesn't have experience...If McCain was elected, the country would truly be in mourning.

    McCain has said NOTHING of what he would do except what Bush is doing already, instead he attacks Obama. And if Palin became President...LOL! I'd become an ex-pat in a heartbeat. I hope this election teaches the Republican party a lesson that religion and money is not the answer to the country's problem. It looks like it will take 14 years before they can rebuild, provided if Obama does a good job.

  5. So wait, what makes you think the censoring will change on entertainment? Did Obama say he was going to lift the rules on that? I was just wondering. He might not care about censoring, but many people below him probably do.


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