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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chuck's Anime Shrine Logo / Banner Contest

Want to get your hands on the Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid or the Figma figure?   How about both?  Long overdue on this site is a fresh new contest.  So to make up for the lack of contests in the past year I'll make the winner of this one have BOTH of those figures! (...and a bit more (read on))

Chuck's Anime Shrine has been around for some time and back in 2002 I created this site to be a shrine to anime with anime sections representing various series (more on those old sections in a future post).  Also for years I've been throwing around some mascots that my fiancee came up with in 2003 and with life's little challenges, these mascots have been kept on the back burner for WAAAAY too long. Time to change that once and for all!

Fumi is the name of my main mascot (Fumi Kobayashi to be exact) and she also has two other characters with her.  No I'm not copying Danny Choo's three mascots;  If I just simply focused more on them, you'd have seen them before even Danny's wonderful trio ^^;;  Fumi is still to eventually be a part of a game I want to make and she can transform into an Angel or Demon version of herself  ^^ (more on that below)

Since the figure business part of this site has been on the grow, I have to do what any legit business needs to do, create a logo.  It's not exactly good that I continue to use copyrighted characters in my banners ^^;; so it's time to bring my personal trio of mascots to the limelight and brand this site...so I need YOUR help.

The goal of the contest; create a logo for this site using our three mascots, Fumi, Lily and Yumi.

I know many of you are talented or budding artists and I want to give you all hand in both exposure and maybe even employment.  Since Chuck's Anime Shrine is a legit business, you can use any potential logo creation as an entry in your portfolio for employers (and I'll gladly reference you..heck down the road).  The winner of this contest might also get future logo/advertisement work with this site/business and if I get to the point hiring in the next year or two, that option can be on the table as well ^_^

What I'm looking for in a logo:

  • A shrine image, (which by the way is the Yasukuni Shrine in the current logo...).  Use this as the base of the image, but if you can, design your own shrine top.
  • An image of either Fumi (her normal school girl, angel or demon forms), Lily, and/or Yumi (can have all or a mix of them.  Example images and character bios below for direction.

Grand Prize:  
  • 1 Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter Figure
  • 1 Figma Black Rock Shooter Figma Figure
  • Logo featured on site (rotating banner)
  • Logo featured on the store section, CAS business cards and any other potential promotion material*
  • Artist's own bio section on this site with links to other works, deviantart site, etc
Secondary Prize (up to 4 runners up)
  •  Your logo rotating on this site and blog
*By entering a logo/banner to this contest, you agree to allow me and my company, Chuck's Anime Shrine, to use your initial logo for business cards, magazine ads or any other type of advertisement.  The landing/bio page about you will be to help credit you for the work (as well as the figures won in this contest with any future deals done)

Simple mascot bios and resources for the logo creation:

Fumi Kobayashi:

  • Typical anime school girl but has psychic powers and can transform in either an angel or a demon at will.  Ok, still somewhat a typical anime girl ^^;;
  • Her normal form is that of a school girl in the good old Japanese uniform, aiming for the old-school blue hair for her.
  • In her angel form she gets long blond hair and loks like a princess/goddess
  • In her demon form, she sports more of a sexy, sinister look; sporting black or red hair

  • Fumi's guardian and the typical chibi character, but not in the chubby/stubby chibi proportions.  She's a tiny pink haired fairy about the size of the fairies in say, Shugo-Chara.
  • She's meant to be the guide of this site.  She's a chibi shrine maiden with reddish pink eyes, and ruffled brown hair.  She wears the typical white and red shrine maiden outfit
  • She carry's around a "Chuck" doll; basically a plush of me with X_X eyes that has spiky blond hair and a blue dress-shirt
Images we came up with in the past to help you out:

Here's some images that have been on the site for years of Fumi that I did and this blog post:

I don't have any images of Lily at the moment ^^;;  my fiancee Danielle did draw her but hopefully the description of her will help.

Here's what Yumi looks like in the eyes of Danielle as well as Fumi too:

Contest will go on until I get 5 solid entries.  If  I get a bunch in before July, then I'll have the cut off date be July 15th or when the Black Rock Shooter Figures arrive to my store.

Email your logos here

oh and the logo/banner size should be 982px × 249px, .png or .jpg (almost forgot to specify this ^^;;)

Good luck and have fun ^^

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