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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Current Anime Banner / Logo Contest Entries

Some of you might know I'm doing a contest where the winner gets their artwork as part of this site, my store and social networks I'm hooked into (oh and of course the Black Rock Shooter figma and Nendoroid as prizes too).

I'm using this post to officially set the cut off date of July 25th.  The winner will be announced within a week from then.

The goal of the contest is to draw our mascots that we have been talking about since 2003, Fumi (her angel, demon forms and her normal form), Lily and Yumi (new to the list as of 2008)

To help people get an idea of what they look like (other than the sketches we made) and to show off what we've gotten already, below are some images I have gotten from contestants.  I'm curious to see more Fumi but the images are great thus far ^_^.

Lily by eefi

Yumi by eefi

Fumi (Normal form) by Yuki S.

The whole gang by Yuki S.

Fumi (Angel form) by Kenneos

A sketch of Fumi (Angel and Demon forms) by Kenneos

Lily by Kenneos

Yumi by Kenneos

Yumi and Fumi by Alexandra J.

Yumi by Tommy E.

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