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Sunday, April 19, 2015

We Are Supporting Artists On Patreon! ^_^

For years we here at Chuck's Anime Shrine have been supportive of artists big and small behind our favorite media.  We create content online as well and we know how hard it can be to do what we love while the daily struggles of life (mundane/underpaying 9-5 jobs...or lack thereof, etc) can derail the dreams and goals of artists, voice actors, video editors, game devs and other creative people.  Like us, many of the artists and content creators out there have a simple dream...to do what we love for a living; making creations that can financially free us from the confines of the average daily life.  If you don't come from wealth jobs or personal situations tend to never be what we want to do nor actually accomplish anything beyond running in circles for somebody else's dreams/goals.  Thanks to the internet, some crowdfunding services have come up in recent years to help all of us break free from that endless loop; adding to the already established platforms like Newgrounds, Youtube, deviantart, Pixiv and other staples of internet content submission.

From the artists Kenneos and Eefi whom helped build the image of our mascots to other fan artists we try to promote here, we do what we can to show that we are here with you in this quest.  (Also want to note that every day that our flagship game, Tenshi-Oni, isn't published... I feel a bit ashamed as I know so many talented music artists have granted us the rights to use their amazing music for free ^^;;)

One of the recent platforms for content creators to come up in recent years is the site, Patreon.  Now, I'll admit, in roughly the past year I've been rather critical of crowd funding...moreso how some people have warped these services into some sort of welfare system just for existing and using false victimhood to get said funds.  I've seen people use Patreon, GoFundMe and Kickstarter literally saying "help me pay for my bills because I'm 'so-and-so' ...I have nothing to give..but just pay me".  Adding insult to injury, the people who tend to do this usually are those who already come from wealth/free-time/opportunity and thus bastardize the main goals of these platforms and the many people who work hard for their fans, whom are grateful that they are at or on their way to reaching that wonderful dream of doing what you want to do for a living.

Anyways...politics and semantics aside, on to why we have this post in the first place...

We are proud to say that we are now officially Patrons to two wonderful artists on Patreon... Zeronis (https://www.patreon.com/Zeronis) and Sakimichan (https://www.patreon.com/sakimichan) ^_^

Please do check out their work.  As our anime business rebounds and our own game dev work progresses we will do what we can to add to this list.  Sakimichan and Zeronis are rather well known and albeit, rather well funded creators now but they, like many of us started from the ground up and got where they are because of their skill and hard work.  They are also very humble and great people who do indeed care about their fans.  That's one thing we're liking about Patreon, is that the funding for the creators is  based on them actually creating something for their backers/patrons.  (Also want to note, outside of Patreon, we are currently commissioning a sprite artist who's working hard on making cool animations of our main mascot Fumi and her forms ^^)

So, what about Chuck's Anime Shrine and Patreon?  Well, yes, we do have a Patreon account and we are in the process of building it up correctly for any of you who wish to be our patrons.  You can check out our Patreon page here:


Granted, as of the writing of this post, the page is in dire need of editing and some palatable creations on there...pretty much just slapped stuff together initially and learning the platform ^^;;  From me being a game dev, video editor, Let's Player, animator, voice actor, web dev and even recently a bit of a music composer to Danielle being an animator with Channel Frederator...we should soon be able to give people a reason to be our patrons.  If we can achieve that dream...something we almost had with this anime site a few years prior, it will only mean more content here on the site..more figures in the store, more games (particularly the almost eternally delayed Tenshi-Oni project) and more artists/content creators we will support ^_^.  I know for a fact that if I didn't have to work my current, mundane, underpaying 9-5 web-dev "company's computer guy" job that I oddly still have despite the anime figure business...I'd be working so many hours to make this site and our creations be the worth viewing / playing.

(Please note: we will be backing these two artists for at least the next month or two...we will try to do so longer... but due to financial restrictions there might be a future date that we have to pause said backing. Again, the goal will be to add to the list of artists we support)

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