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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Anime Shrine PodCast Episode 5: Gamer Girls and Google Being Stupidly Prude

We are back and this time around, we are pissed.  Yes, I get back on the whole gaming/gamergate situation because it's become apparent that be it video games, programming, anime or any artistic venue, there are people more adamant than ever trying to stifle artistic expression under the false guise of "social justice".  The Thought Police has even gotten their hands in conventions with the whole "no aggressive navels " & similar asinine rules and the culture war has even hit close to home with one of our own blog posts flagged under Google Adsense's horrible new "lewd" rules (image of the email from Google seen below).

Sit back, eat some sexy deviled eggs for this Easter weekend post...but make sure you don't drink the SJW punch, because that shit is poison.

(Warning: Explicit Language)

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(Applause are welcomed; jazz hands not required)

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