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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Trip To NYC and Channel Frederator

On Friday we had the honor of meeting our friends over at Channel Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (@channelfred /@cartoonhangover) My fiancee Danielle has been a member of their awesome network and for a number of months, I've became friends with Nicky from Cartoon Hangover and particularly when he by chance was stocking up on Nendoroids and other figures for the ToyPizza show ^_^  Danielle and I had the honor of meeting up & having lunch with Nicky, Cade and other wonderful people at the Channel Frederator office.  It really was like all of us were friends for much longer as we love talking about the same topics, be it anime, figures, video games and the Cartoon Hangover shows like Adventure Time, Bee & Puppycat & Steven Universe.

If you guys are reading this blog, we want to thank you all again ^_^ Was a great day in NYC.

Here's some images from out trip and when Danielle an I went to visit Nintendo World later in the day:

Here's the Frederator Office ^^

PuppyCat in Lego form

More of that awesome Lego table

Me and Nicky when Danielle, me , Cade and others had some lunch at the office. 
(Danielle being silly with the Instagram effects)

Some pics from after our meetup, as we walked to Nintendo World and then Central Park 
(CatBug joining the adventure ^^)

@ Nintendo World ^^

Danielle playing some Smash Bros on the Wii U

Danielle Playing some DBZ Xenoverse later on over at Toys R US

Over at Central Park

CatBug enjoying the weather ^^

CatBug watching me write my IOS Game Dev book on the train home (more on that in a future post ^_^)

Home and having some Pizza with CatBug

Was such a great time and hope to visit our friends at Frederator / Cartoon Hangover again soon ^_^

Check out Nicky And Cade's Cartoon Hangover updates

and the Toy Pizza Show

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