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Friday, March 7, 2014

Touhou Project: Bad Apple w/ Traditional Japanese Instruments

Over at our sister site, Anime.FM we posted the video of a really great Nightstep remix of the Touhou Project song, Bad Apple.  Thought we'd show another really amazing remix of that song done in traditional Japanese instruments from back in 2011.  Yes, it sounds as magical as you'd imagine.

Here's the details of the arrangement from the youtube page:

Touhou BGM played in a traditional Japanese Instruments sound on tradtional stage.

Shamisen1: Nami Kineie [http://www.kineienami.jp]
Shamisen2: Sakurako Satoh
Koto: Nahoko Ohata [http://music.geocities.jp/mizukawatos...]
Shakuhachi1: Makoto Takei [http://www.takeimakoto.com]
Shakuhachi2: Toshiya Mizukawa [http://music.geocities.jp/mizukawatos...]
Drums: Keiko Tada [http://blog.livedoor.jp/tara8/]

Arrangement: Yorihide Fukushima [http://www.fukushima-yorihide.com]
Recorded and mixed by: Toshiya Mizukawa [http://music.geocities.jp/mizukawatoshiya]
Calligraphy: Jiro Shirosuzu [http://siroisuzu.web.fc2.com/]
Photography, Editing: Ikiro P [http://www.voiceblog.jp/johson/]
Head: Kohtaro Fujiyama [http://www.wazuma.jp]

Original: BadApple!! [ZUN ~Team Shanghai Alice~] [Toho Gensokyo ~Stage 3]

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