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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TenshiOni: Combos and More

Though nothing much seems to be different on the outside...there's a bunch of underlying code in my Tenshi-Oni game that has been added since last time I made an update. There's now unique deaths for enemies based on what attack you finish them with (and with the ability for me to customize each individual enemy's reactions to moves.) Of course, I really need to change these enemies now from the old space game engine I bought to start this off.

I've also added a combo system (very slightly seen in this screenshot) Finally I'm currently making the final part of the player's moves before I move on to voice acting, level design, enemy design and story development. That final aspect of the game play I'm currently dubbing "Final Attacks"; similar to Final Fantasy Limit Breaks. The framework for the Final Attacks has been coded..just keeping them a little secret for now as I make them work, bug free. 

Soon Kenneos will have the first Demon Fumi sprite ready (plus some others ^^) as well so this might be a good week for the game. Sorry it didn't come out this month as I wanted. Those waiting patiently really sorry for the delay...I want to make the first version of the game a hit so that I can wiggle free from this damn day job and then make the game 10x better with future updates and more platform options (like Android, Chrome, Flash, Xbox versions). Would be a great way for me to make more games in the future as well.

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