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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anime Blog is Back

My Tenshi-Oni programming and the busy life of still having a 35+ hour desk job along with the steady anime figure business and add in the fact that I moved to a new place...one could see why the blog and the other parts of the site have once again collected a slight bit of dust.

As of this month, ChucksAnimeShrine.com is 10 years old! ^_^  Thought the main parts of the fan-site haven't grown nearly as much as I'd like it to have in this decade.  It's great to know that I'm one of the first anime fan sites and also one of the last anime fan sites left from 10 years ago.  I've seen 3rd party features die off a number of times; particularly those of the Google variety.  Here's a list of features my site has outlived....hell just in the past 4-5 years:

  • Blogger suddenly changed their whole format to a "newer" DRM-like coding... thus why my original web page for the blog changed to this url back then.  (and my god was it a pain in the ass to transfer..particularly when you had the SEO all correct originally and also a bunch of followers/subscribers)
  • Google Friend Connect:  As of the beginning of this month...Google moronically dropped their FriendConnect service...obviously due to their main focus aiming at Google+.  I'm all for Google Plus and I've had an account on there since when it was "invite only"...but I'm still scratching my head to why FriendConnect followers, etc didn't get migrated to a the Google+ system.  As a result...@(1)all 300+ followers to this blog...got erased >_<.  This is why you see just me at the moment as the only follower to the blog.  oh and of course (2) All of the comments got erased. 
  • Google's not the only ones mindlessly killing off features that shouldn't be removed... Apple's MoblieMe service, that I and many others pay for...is being removed since now iCloud will replace it.  The problem is...they are removing the only features people actually had reason to throw money at it.... the Gallery and the iDisk service.  The pathetic government tyranny that lead to Megupload.com's demise...is a sign of the times where governmental and old hat policies simply don't get the internet...and of course will do what they can to keep progress from moving at speeds comfortable for them & rip people of their liberties.  Political rant aside, the removal of the iDisk means I now have to move my video game and important file backups to Dropbox it seems.  Worse though is that the Anime Gallery will become empty if I don't do anything about it before June 30th >_<  Then again...it's best I fill in the gaps in content on this site, renew that whole anime sanctuary thing...and also finally fix up sections of this site that as one can see....haven't been updated since 2002-2004 ^^;;
Lots to do but...as you guys can see; the commenting is back.  Thanks to Disqus, you can comment, rate, retweet, etc on the blog posts.  Once I finish installing it to the Members Blog...it will make that section of the site actually worth blogging on.  Hopefully, Disqus will be here to stay for a long time...I'm tired of dealing with what essentially is "internet rust."

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