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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FriendConnect, Anime Gallery & Other Site issues PSA

Just a little PSA about some things with the site so people don't wrongly think I've left the site ^^;;  Trust me, it's the complete opposite...

1) Google deleted their FriendConnect service and now this leaves me with no comment system -_-  Really sorry about that...this site turns 10 years old this month and so many times have I used 3rd party tools, just to see my site outlive them... as with the next issue...

2) As of June, Apple will be removing their MobileMe service, replacing it with the iCloud service only....problem is, as those of you who use it know...they are removing the iDisk and Gallery services -_-  The iDisk is where I save backups of TenshiOni as I'm coding it and even a backup of my websites  With MegaUpload taken down by governmental tyrants...me and others will be using DropBox instead.
The Anime Gallery I created as well as the Idols, Cons and anime figures images all run on an iframe to that service...so in the coming months..I have to replace it....probably need to get back to that whole Anime Sanctuaries thing ^^;;

3)  The contest that expired a few months ago is technically still going....pardon the lack of update with that and in general, the move to our new place and trying to sneak in time at night to work on the TenshiOni game is to blame ^^;;  If anyone does wish to send in sprites that will go into the game...be my guest.  Verbiage on there and also verbiage on the store site as well will be updated in due time.

...being it's the 10th Anniversary of the site..I guess it's time for some updates ^^

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