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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anime is Art

Been seeing lots of supposed "art experts" trying to look down on any budding artist who's using anime-styled pictures as their spring board into art.  Sad thing is, some of this hate has come from not only artists who have some bastardized hate to anything anime-like, but even art teachers in supposed art schools here in the US are telling art hopefuls NOT to put anime-like images in their portfolios.  First off, I run a business that's catered to anime...that's all I look for for when I need help with design.  The whole, "nobody will hire you" verbal diarrhea spewing from self-proclaimed art institutions...is a load of bullshit.  I'm proving that with artists like Kenneos and Eefi (and others).  Though I haven't fully and officially hired them (yet).  I've paid them in anime figures for their help and my goal is to pay them in royalties (and cash) from my projects / games that involve their art.

The only thing these anime-art hating rejects have right is that yes, you should diversify your portfolio.  Don't let anime-style be the only thing you can do...but to say somebody who say...drew this Guilty Crown piece you see above isn't an artist, well...here's a nice little rage comic I made for you.  Enjoy.

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