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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anime Valentine's Day 2012

Just wanted to wish everybody a very happy Valentine's Day.  Hope in the future I could post some pics of Fumi and the Tenshi-Oni characters in the way you see Mio fan-drawn here ^^

Best wishes on this day and don't fret if you are alone (trust me, was there for the first 18 years of my life ^^;;).

If you are with somebody, take time out from your busy schedule to enjoy the day with them and be appreciative.  I know as I approach 30, I see people in love with work instead of others and life itself; don't be that.

If you have somebody you admire, don't be a creep. Stay confident in yourself (but don't be an ass with said confidence) and don't let rejection destroy you. The comatose/pathetic styled love seen in movies like Twilight..isn't the way to live.  It's great to love somebody with all of your being but don't let the rejection make you an empty husk; just improve yourself and the right person will be there.  It's best to be the best you so that you find somebody in the similar position whom can lift you up if you start to fall; not somebody who will drag you down or visa-versa.

If you have nobody, again, don't fret and see read above as it can pertain to you.  Also, don't be desperate or on "the hunt."  Coming from a straight guy's point of view... I got nowhere when I was single and was constantly looking.  The moment my now fiancee found me, it seems that I became more attractive through confidence.  In other words, if you are single and don't want to be that way; act like you have somebody already...girls (and guys, too) seem to gravitate to those with confidence.  The moment I started dating my fiancee back 10 years ago when I was 18...all of a sudden girls seemed to notice me.  They didn't a crap about me the previous 18 years of my life -_- but my god did that change the moment I stopped worrying about being single.

Anyways, pardon my rant.  Off to have a fun day as I purposely take off on Tuesdays to either catch up on anime biz work, do extra video game programming or simply take a day off when the rest of the world is busy running around with their hair on fire in the work place. (at least, that's how people are here on Long Island -_-.  Seriously people...relax a god damn moment, will you?)  Trust me, it's very calming and zen-like to go to a restaurant at 1pm on a Tuesday.

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