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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tenshi-Oni Update: Fumi's First Game Sprite

Kenneos does it again and sends us the first look at a Fumi game sprite animation.  For those of you doing the contest, don't fret... I plan on having your entries involved in the game one way or another, be it unlockable skins, or part of an in-game art gallery.  Again, her sprite can be this style or pixel art since some artists prefer one or the other.

As you can see, Fumi is in her normal human form.  The game will have her "flying" through another dimension, hidden in the shrine (powered by her aura akin to say DBZ).

Simply love her look...actually resembles that of a Nendoroid.  More to come and hopefully some actual game screens soon too from the Tenshi-Oni game in progress.

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