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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anime Blog SEO

Thanks to Google blogger forcing the removal of the FTP blog, many sites, like mine that had great SEO, that had a following and took a few years to build, probably saw what I have seen for the past few weeks...THE ENTIRE THING FALL TO %^&!! -_-

Just an idea on how bad the switch to blogger custom domain has been...take a look at what my traffic did at the end of March (and is slowly, slowly gaining back)

Yeah, not exactly SEO friendly to go from FTP to custom domain.  So, since not much of you are viewing the site, I can say anything I want, hahaha... j/k... I kinda already do.  For those who have been loyal, I'll post the newest contest this week and you'll be happy you still stayed here and didn't escape like the rest of the internet.  It's related to Black Rock Shooter so, I think you guys would want to stay tuned...and NOT run away.

I did improve the SEO of the anime store though....observe any item and the item's title is in the URL and the html title, plus I added multiple images per product (observe BRS figma) plus images on the product pages are no longer randomly tiny.... so take THAT Blogger! -_-

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