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Saturday, February 27, 2010

K-On! Figma Figures

Yes, here's yet another K-On! figure post by me. (deal with it -_-)  For those of you that have been tracking my little rants, a recent pet-peeve of mine has been the fact that licensees in Japan have become a bit scared of making money and try to keep some anime and figures in Japan only for themselves.  Well, looks as if some of the complaining (and the good old power of $) has paid off and with the second release of 2 K-On! figures, comes the rights for us here in the states to actually buy a legit K-On! figma locally. 

Yes, that's correct, you won't have to pay $20-$30+ in shipping from a store in Japan if you want a Mio figma figure of a Ritsu figma figure (if you live in the US...and international customers are still welcome ^^).  I have gotten the rights through my business and my trusty (legit) suppliers to acquire these cuties for the store.

Rather shoot us an email to get yourself onto a waiting list?  You can do so here.

Once the number of figures coming to my store get filled, that's it since I want to make sure ALL who order or get on the list get one when they come out in June or July...so don't wait too long.

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