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Friday, October 16, 2009

Rogue Bishoujo Figure: Long Coat Version

Kotobukiya is making something special for Rogue fans. Just when you thought the Shunya Yamashita Rogue was really cool, they go and make a limited edition one. This version, the "Long Coat PX Exclusive" will be limited to just 1000 figures made. Personally, I'm just fine with the regular version but for fans that might miss out on this hot selling figure, this could be your chance. Don't expect a Pre-Christmas release though, since she's scheduled for an official US release in late January -_-

I will be stocking some for the store, so you can pre-order her here or just email me that you want to reserve one.

I hope to see more figures done with Koto and Yamashita soon.


  1. I'd rather see their effort go towards other Marvel female characters done Bishoujo style. I'm talking Phoenix, Storm, etc. Make it happen, Koto! >:(

    Also the regular version is sexier. Only way this would sell better is because it's limited to 1000 copies. Most message board forum users agree with me, so I can't see this one selling out as fast as the sexier one.

  2. wholeheartedly agree there Matt. I'd say go for others. Storm in particular would be awesome in "Shunya Yamashita" style. For once the Marvel girls actually look like, well, sexy girls.


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