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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jiburiru Holy Angel 1/7 Scale Figure

What has to be one of the most gorgeous figures I've seen in the past few months, Griffon really does well with this one. From the hentai, Jiburiru - Devil Angel, this 1/7th figure depicts St. Jibril. as a very stunning figure indeed. It's going to cost a bit though at around $97 retail which is much for a 1/7th scale figure but sure worth it if you like this series and if the final product looks this good. Granted, as expected from a figure that's in a hentai, the figure is cast-offable with St. Jibril having a version you can display of her with no top. Either the top comes off or there is a different torso, that of which I'm not sure. Of course, this is then meant for mature collectors only. I pre-ordered a handful for the store and with hopes of me keeping one as well...in her clothed version of course to not offend my soon-to-be-wife Danielle ^^;; Won't be out till some time in February.

(Click to see the full res pictures)

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