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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anime Store Optimized + CAS 4.0 Sneek Peek

If any of you went to the anime store section of the site, you probably noticed a huge bunch of items are now gone. Don't worry though, I did this to fully optimize the store for the coming x-mas season. The store is over a year old now, and my original method of doing business was to have a few items from my only dealer at the time and put those in a "special category" to show that they are ready for immediate shipment. Everything else on the over 3000 item list was items I could get from that dealer but I'd have to wait almost 4 business days to be able to hand them out plus there were times that my wholesaler said were in but they themselves needed to update their site. Granted, the items I have kept for the store constantly come and go thanks to my amazon.com and ebay.com branches and I've held a perfect customer record on both sites. This year's sales are also very close to $100,000 but with the main store's site lagging in performance and with weird shipping amounts, I simply had to fix it. Also over time I have added a bunch of dealers including one for videogames that I have yet to utilize plus a very hefty stock of about $15,000 worth of items in storage at my house ^^;

With the success of the store, I've begun even more expansion with get this, about $40,000 worth of anime figures, manga, DVDs and more now on pre-order! This is for the coming months up till May of 09, with much more to be added to that list. Browse and shop the store all you like and the exact quantity of what I have to ship asap is there, plus all orders in the US that are over $100 get free shipping! As of today, the list looks small but I have loads of items on hand that I have yet to add along with an even bigger list of figures and otaku goodies for pre-order.

This is all part of the transition to version 4.0. Speaking of version 4.0, take a look below to see a quick peek at the new look of this site and hopefully the store as well ^_^.

-The final layout will look even better than this early image from about a week ago with the images behind the shrine randomly changing behind the shrine (yes, it'll acually be a shrine). Page-refresh backgrounds are nothing new on the web but a much smoother look with new features coming as well.
(Sorry about the small iPhone images ^^;)


  1. Wow dude, I guess for a small business (if I am reading it right) that must be some revenue.

  2. Its pretty good. Last year I did $40,000 in sales so its a 150% increase in business. Granted of course I'd rather it be $100,000 in profit ^^ The profit part is always a bit of a roller coaster and my job's income is basically extra income now. As you know, I'd rather make that extra income right here on this site and can the darn job already.


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