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Monday, October 13, 2008

PS3 and PSP Firmware Updates

More gadget news via Engadget. This one is particularly good if you own a PSP. The Playstation 3 (the last of the next gen system I have yet to own) soon will be getting firmware version 2.50, supposedly nothing big, mainly bug fixes and Bluetooth support for the SOCOM headset. The PSP will recieve version 5.00 which will include direct access to the Playstation Store in order to download games right to the PSP. Now the PSP can be added to the list of systems that utilize game downloads and patches, like the 360's Xbox Live downloads, The Playstation Store (for the PS3), the Wii's WiiWare and the iPhone/iPod Touch's App Store. The progression of game distribution is obviously heading towards an all download media.

You can bet your money that eventually all DVDs and Blue-ray disks will be replaced by just data flowing to and from your systems. Going to miss the days of opening a brand new video game box and getting that old "New-Game" smell.

(not like I smell the box but you gamers know what i mean ^^;;)

1 comment:

  1. Yeah data flow. :\

    Hmm my PS3 is hardly touched lol. What I want is backwards compatibility, and actually delivering what the PS3 should in terms of being a gaming console, instead of it being half-assed for that particular component.


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