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Thursday, August 7, 2008

AMV Hell 4, What's Not to Love?

Some of you probably are already familiar with the AMV Hell series. For those who are not, each AMV Hell video is about 1 hour of mixed and varied AMV clips. Each clip is about 15-40 seconds long and has an almost Robot Chicken feel to them. Since I noticed youtube changed their coding thus messing up my entire AMV section (~_~) I went on youtube to see that as of almost a year ago there was a 4th AMV Hell!; divided of course in 10 minute blocks. Below is one chunk of clips for your viewing if you haven't already. As for my AMV section, I'm going to fix it up again and I'm also going to announce who won the Fate/Stay Art Contest since it was yet again only one person who committed to their promise of submitting something. Tsk, tsk if you missed out. You lost a free anime figure. More contests will be on the way though so don't miss out or the same person will keep winning!

Link to offical AMV Hell site.
(Caution: some AMV Hell clips are not for kids!)

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