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Friday, August 8, 2008

Chuck's Anime Shrine's Lucky Day

The number 8 is lucky in Asian cultures and although I'm not Asian I'd like to share you some great news as of today for my anime business since its 8:08pm on 8/8/08. As of today I have finally got the capital outlay I needed for all my products that will insure me not just a safe trip out of the job world but hopefully a 2009 with a six figure income. On a previous post I mentioned that for my first year as an anime dealer in 2007, Chuck's Anime Shrine did roughly $40K in sales...that mark was already hit around April of this year! Basically from this point on, I'll be working to simply profit and get the heck out of my job. I did state that Sept 19th might be my freedom day from the 9-5 drudgery, but if things don't go as 100% planned... I'll just set it sometime before my 25th BDay in early November.

Another cool tidbit is that I'm in the works of dealing directly with Milestone, one of Japan's figure manufacturer and creators of that amazing Elena Varenskaya Nurse figure. This would make Chuck's Anime Shrine eventually be an anime wholesaler and help even more in my quest to be free from a job.

If that's not all on this lucky 8 day, I got an email from a BusinessWeek editor who will feature a little blurb about me and the anime biz on the BusinessWeek site. More on that in the future.

So why should you care? Well, first off I don't intend to really brag. I'm just truly excited that my days of working a job are now really numbered and no job means much, much more time will be focused on the anime Flash game, "Project Fumi", AMVs, a better store with more stuff and of course my dream of turning this site into one of the best resources for any otaku. This also means I'll have more contests with even better prizes ^_^ Thanks goes to you all for being great fans of this site and my store.


  1. Woot congrats dude, I am Asian so yeah, triple 888 for you haha. Nice figures in profits you are making. :p

    Hope it turns out that you can quit by the time you planned, at least earning from something you are enjoying is way better than doing a job that earns you the same or more but without satisfaction.


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