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Friday, June 13, 2014

An Update On Tenshi-Oni and a New Swift-coded Game!

As some of you know from my past posts on G+ and Facebook, I've been doing nothing but learning Swift the past week+ since it's announcement at WWDC14...

I'm still of course working on Tenshi-Oni, my iOS game that's been on / off since 2011 (originally a Flash game concept I thought up in 2003 actually ^^;;).  I will probably add some Swift code to it moving forward but, like I've stated, it's still going to be what the 1000s of lines of code already are... Objective-C.  I plan on porting it to Android and with Swift being so new... it probably will be a while before Swift code can be easily ported to devices outside of OS-X/IOS.

Anyways, I'm going to be now taking a page from more modern game devs by going the easy route... ie: making a quick, simple, silly game to get things rolling.  In other words, before Tenshi-Oni comes out, I'll be rolling out another game first; a game made solely in Swift but not as ambitious as I want Tenshi-Oni to be. It'll be quick, simple and free ^_^

I've already came up with the game's concept and like Swift (and oddly many other iOS games) I'll be around a certain bird.. a new mascot that'll be added to the Chuck's Anime Shrine cast.

I feel this will do a few things...

1) prove to the gaming industry that this long-time-always-on-the-sidelines gamer/programmer can code a game despite this new game not being anywhere as complex as Tenshi-Oni 

2) Shame the companies that have rejected me thus far in getting a better 9-5 day job; companies that through the moronic decision of not hiring me have kept me STILL stuck working as an underpaid "Company's Computer Guy" for a camera store.

3) Learn the process of the actual shipping of a game on to the Apple App Store...better I learn the ins and outs with a simple game and not with this major project I have with Tenshi-Oni

4) Actually make some money to start which will a) maybe help me not even need a job as a programmer for another company which will then b) make my focus 9-5 be making games and not just doing them in my VERY limited spare time and c) Fund a more polished completion of Tenshi-Oni and even more future games.

What I have been doing for a long while was try to start big... a mistake game programmers from the days before the indie-game-programming-everywhere industry we have today, like me have done.  I should have started small and, though so late to a party I could have been in in 2003... will get some first bites into with this other, much smaller simple game I'm making in Swift in addition to Tenshi-Oni ^_^

tl;dr: I'm making another game! a short, simple game in Swift to come out before Tenshi-Oni does and to hopefully help me move to a workday where I'm more focused on being an indie game dev and my other anime site/voice acting related tasks that continue to get hampered by a 9-5 job

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