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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anime Store Redesign Pending

(Update: Still working on the brand new anime store section... but I was able to fix the old store that kinda got fudged in my creation of the new store.  So you can still visit and log into the old store as I roll out the new store any day now ^^.  Oh, and all 800+ of you will be able to log in to the new store..no needing to resign up with the new store is launched.)

Pardon the look of the anime store at the moment... ^^;;

Actually today I was going to announce the first figure to go on pre-order after more than a year of recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy... but the store's engine (OSCommerce) was using a version and code that dates back to 2005.  As we speak (and with tons of coffee thanks to MySQL databases such a pain to deal with), I'm adding a brand new store in every way; will be CSS3, HTML5 , Responsive Design.  You'll be able to buy anime products on your phone too...oh, and I also plan on adding Bitcoin as a payment option.  At the moment it seems everyone (all 800+ of you) who are registered customers to my store might have to reinput your login info / addresses again...but I'm seeing if I can merge old data with the new (again... lots of coffee over this)... so if in the end I can't, my sincere apologies.   The goal is to truly bring back my anime store and prove that we are right on par with the likes of Crunchy Roll, Hobby Search, Hobby Stock, etc.  Then again, CAS has been around since 2002, had the store added in 2007, is a Good Smile Company Partner Store.  So yeah, I think I should show the others whose boss :p

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