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Friday, January 11, 2013

PikaLove Plays: Final Fantasy VII #1

Danielle and I have begun doing some original gaming videos thanks to my x-mas present...the Elgato Game Capture HD.  We are continuing to add content to her gaming account, PikaLove415.   Today's featured gameplay is our first video of us playing through of Final Fantasy VII.  Well, Danielle's playing it...I'm just there in the background ^^;)  As stated in the last post about this, we got inspired by Gamegrumps and others to do these kinds of videos.

This video is special though, not just because it's the beginning of us playing through the game sorta responsible for this site, but because this is the first video I'm testing out my new video editing skills.  Hope you all like it. I plan on putting up more videos on my own Youtube page... including a return to Flash animations and more..but if you can, do subscribe to PikaLove415. Oh and we've been posting our Kirby's Epic Yarn playthrough almost daily too.  There's lots of videos for me to go through and edit...so more to come ^_^

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