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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fanservice Friday 9/23/11 Steins;Gate Girls

Yeah, another busy week has one by for us here (hence the lack of blog posts ^^;;;)..but I can't let the week end without a post and without a Fanservice Friday post nonetheless. 

I know, another Steins;Gate post, too.  It won't end there..I still plan on making a full science post about the series and with the recent really big news from CERN about neutrinos possibly going faster than light speed (thus discovering a possible error for the first time in Einstein's Theory of Relativity)...thought Steins;Gate is very relevant.

...also...it's Feris-nyan and Kurisu at the beach. The Fall may be here today but we can hope for a not-so-bad winter to come here in the northern hemisphere.

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