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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New CAS Mascot Contest: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Ver.

Been way too long since my last blog post.  Here's a good way to get back into the game.

After one year since my last contest,  thought I'd spring you all another chance at some free figures for those talented anime artists out there.  Last year (and still) Black Rock Shooter figures were the must have, but just recently, Max Factory/Good Smile Company announced the pre-orders are being taken for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Madoka Figma and Nendoroid figures.  These figures don't come out until the end of the year and already stores are running out of pre-order reserves.

(As of this post..I still have some reserves left in my store ^^)

What you can Win:

One person will win the first place prize, both a Nendoroid and a Figma Madoka figure.

Depending on how many entries I receive. Your artwork, deviant art account or personal art site/blog will be linked from here ^^. (basically like here on our artists page)

How to Win:

The last contest was to create the banner and finally bring our mascots we've had on the site since 2003.. to life.  Last year's winner, Kenneos did an amazing job in particularly drawing the now fan favorite shrine maiden, Yumi.

This contest will be similar.  A few months ago, Yumi, Fumi and Lily's creator (my fiancee Danielle) created a Kawaii version of the blog, aimed to an anime girl's point of view.  As you all can see from the blog section, we are lacking a custom banner showing our mascots.

The goal of this contest is to make a kawaii banner for that section, featuring our mascots ^_^  Like the past banners made, the size of the banner should be 982px (W) x 249px (L). The file format can be a .jpg or .png

Email me your entry and even if you don't win the grand prize....I'll do my best to promote as many artists as possible.  Chuck's Anime Shrine is a legit business entity so I don't mind being a reference for your portfolio or art resume. (take THAT art colleges that look down on anime and animation)

One more thing... this request is completely optional.  I've been (for years) looking to create a video game (in Flash, iPhone iOS and possibly Android) surrounding a story behind our mascots, with Fumi as the main character.  Making art for video games can be a daunting task and payment of two figures is probably not sufficient...but I wanted to get some ideas on the table.  You can draw to your heart's content (and I'll gladly promote the work), character designs, enemy ideas and power ups.  The game format I've always for all these years wanted it to be, is a 2D side scrolling anime shooter (the recent Flying Hampster anime iPhone app is a great example).  The core of the game's design will be the powers of Fumi and the advantages each form would have.  Fumi has a normal/default school girl form, an Angel Form and a Demon form (You can see from the mascots page what I mean)  Lily is to be a support character in-game and Yumi will be both the game selection avatar and possibly a playable/bonus character as well.  One other tidbit, is that I want each of Fumi's forms to have a super/powered up version.  Again, this is just an option and meant for a future contest or co-op work, but I'm curious on what you all might come up with ^_^  I'd get into more details of my plans for this but I need to keep some intellectual property to myself or risk losing it ^^;;;

Use the mascots page as reference in the general submission and if you want to do the optional videogame art as well.

Contest Deadline:

Submissions will be due September 30th 2011. By then (unless they are delayed) the Madoka figures will be released....the way the anime figure industry works though...us anime stores here in the US might not receive our stock for a month or two later ^^;;;

Good luck and it's good to be back in the blogging routine again.

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