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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Anime Site Updates Soon

 Hey everyone.  Funny my last post was about anime business scheduling and I unfortunately didn't go by my scedule thanks to yet more craziness in my anime figure business and of course last weeks very busy New York Anime Fest and Comic Con joint convention.  If you were there, you might have seen a guy cosplaying as Gurren Lagann's Simon with a blue wig...that was me ^^;;  Anyways, my apologies for the lack of updates and the old rotating images above ^^^^.  It's been a very tough number of weeks with my anime figure business keeping me so busy and my darn day job filling in any possible free time I can get to better this site -_-

Before I run off and ready about 40 anime figures for shipping tomorrow...just letting you all know that I am going to do what I planned to do for this site, anime.fm and heck even my non-anime site (charlesgaffney.com)

Before I do a (late) recap of the 2010 New York Anime Fest and Comic-Con.  Here's an image I shot from the con of what has been big news since the recent Tokyo Game Show... Tifa Lockhart being a playable character in the Final Fantasy Dissidia sequel and you all know how I'm a big fan of Tifa ^///^ My photo here is definitely a better shot of her than what's currently on the interwebs...so enjoy.

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