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Saturday, July 31, 2010

CAS Anime Banner/Mascot Contest Winner(s)

Ok, it's always tough doing a contest, getting great entries and then having to pick from them, a distinct winner. This contest in particular got me to meet some great new anime fans with amazing talent and a love for this site I thought I lost back in 2004-2005 when my life was focused more on my Amway business and the semi-online fame from mine and Danielle's AMVs began to wane.

Before I note who the winner is, I want to say thank you to all who participated ^_^ The great news is that, although I can't give the Black Rock Shooter Figma and Nendoroid to all of you, EVERY one of can be of to aid to this site (ad maybe even Anime.fm) in the coming weeks and months...if you so choose.

The grand prize winner of this contest is the artist Kenneos. Her depictions of the mascots captured the artistic tone that Danielle and I were looking for in terms of decorating this site and for finalizing their looks since even I have drawn them back in the day and based on Danielle....I did them wrong ^^;;;

Congratulations Kenneos ^_^ As soon as Good Smile Company and Max Factory get those Black Rock Shooter Nendoroids and Figmas released....they'll be on your way.

As for the rest of you who entered...don't leave just yet; I have a message for each of you that will involve future involvement with the site and maybe even that game if I can get the free time I need to get it going.

Alexander R.

Your dojin manga for the girls is a great idea ^_^ I'm all for it and I'll try to set up some solid backstory to them to help you out ^^

Hong Z.

I indeed love your work too; I feel that you might be of help to me on Anime.fm ^^


Both you and I are Computer Scientists and thus I would love to work together with you if I can finally get the chance to make the game based on Fumi..plus some anime.fm art ^^

Tommy E.

The CG work you do is absolutely stunning and I love that you were able to make "Chuck's Anime Shrine" in kanji ^^. I'll definitely be in touch with you about the art for the game based on Fumi..I feel you can help bring that to life..and with your permission I'd like to put that cute Yumi image you gave me on parts of the site.

Alexandra J.

I always love that you follow my site, post on the member's blog and always keep up to date with my tweets ^_^ If I'm not mistaken, you did win the last contest..but it was your submission that got the ball rolling and I thank you so much for that as always...you and the others might be able to help me redecorate the front page...though Kenneos' images will be on the banners and part of the store...I would love all of you to have your own panel on the front page. I'm talking about the links I have on the front to the blog, gallery and so forth ^^

I think that's everybody...if I left anyone out..my apologies ^^;;. Big thank you to all who entered and I ill have another contest up in due time ^^

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