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Friday, April 2, 2010

Shining Wind: Kureha Swimwear 1/7th Scale Figure

Up for preorder reserves today is the very beautiful Kureha from the game Shining Wind.  Fans of Kureha figures know that they are very fleeting and sell out very fast...with scamming eBayers quickly overpricing them to astronomical prices shortly after reserves run out -_-  
Don't believe me?  Go to ebay and look up the price of the old Kotobukiya Kureha and once you finish laughing at the stupid sellers that honestly want to charge $300+ for a $50 figure, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Don't let the ebay scalpers con you come late September/October when she arrives and then after.
I made sure to reserve a decent amount for the store and hopefully save my fellow anime fans some $$

Click here to view her store page to make your reserve 


Email us to get on the waiting list ^_^

Now back to this wonderful figure on hand.  She's a beautifully designed 1/7th scale figure...and she's under $100 for once.  Yep, a 1/7th scale figure in these strong yen,pathetically weak dollar times that is under $100.  At 6800 yen or about $75-$80, she's a decent one to go into the collection.  I'm certain to add her to my personal collection as well ^o^

Observe her images below (and yes, this would be considered a #FanServiceFriday tweet...need to bring those back ^^;;)

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