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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black Rock Shooter Figures (Nendoroid & Figma)

Announced today are the pre-order reservations for both the Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter and Figma Black Rock Shooter figures.  They look amazing and you know they are going to be sold out very quickly either prior to release or shortly after.  I have posted them in the store for you all to make your reservations ^_^.

Here's the link to the Figma BRS

Here's the link to the Nendoroid BRS

Of course you can also just email us your pre-order request for the Nendoroid or the Figma BRS and I'll be sure to reserve one for you (while supplies last of course ^^;;)

They are scheduled to release in July but that time-frame might change from the huge demand these have ^^;;

Here's a load of images of both of them.   (I'm bound to keep one of each for myself too ^_^)

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