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Monday, March 10, 2008

Ikki Tousen Sonsaku Hakufu Cerberus Figure

Here's a great Ikkitousen figure; the Black dressed Sonsaku Hakufu Cerberus figure by UART. This recently arrived in my store this week and I its worth talking about. This figure of course looks great from every angle and is actually rather large. The box is about 14 inches long and the figure is roughly 9-10 inches tall. I wasn't able to keep any that I got in my first shipment since they sold so fast. The pictures you see are the stock photos and I'll gladly do some pics of my own once I can snag one. If you are a fan of Sonsaku, this figure won't disappoint. From what I can tell this is not a cast-off figure but that doesn't matter. There's a bit of fan service in this one from certain angels if you are into that. As you can see from the pictures, the figure looks smooth and fine-tuned, just simply great detail. The only negative I can find might be her teeth. Her eyes, face and body are definitely Sonsaku and thus will be on my display some time soon.


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  2. It really looks fantastic, i love it. :)


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