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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oppai Mouse Pad Pre-orders

Finally, here in the US we will be able to get oppai mouse pads! Up until recently, the only way you can grab these awesome takes on cushioned mouse-pads was to order directly from a store in Japan. None of my local suppliers had them except for one that look liked a sad attempt by an American anime-drawing hopeful. Thanks to my good friends and direct-from-japan supplier, Mile-Stone we can now see more here. I wasted no time in placing them in the store. They won't be out for another month or two but I'm glad we don't have to pay about $80-$100 for these.

Currently I have Mizore Shirayuki, Katagiri Yuuh, Moka Akashiya and Minato Nagase on their way but there will also be a Kanu one coming as well. Moka and Kanu are the ones I'm debating on for my anime work station.

(oh and I will be changing the look of the store...images are a bit small and the whole thing needs a design updgrade ^^)

1 comment:

  1. ^.^
    Woot I can't wait.... first I need to get my hands on some money, gerrrrr.
    Soon I shall have a goood mouse pad... I just have to keep my cat away from it.


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