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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anime Figures Widget

After adding a bunch of anime figures, it seems that of the three store fronts I have, Amazon is the easiest to list with my main store coming in second and ebay last. For your anime figure viewing pleasure, I've added an Amazon product widget to the blog (check the lower right hand side) that links to the figures and games that are in my store.

Now, if you want to order from me, the links won't go directly to my store (yet); they actually go to me and my competitors ^^;; To find what I'm selling the same items for, just browse through the list of sellers on the amazon product page and find "chucks-anime-shrine". I'll admit, I might not be selling the figures at the lowest price but I do my best. My Amazon profile is not as strong as my perfect eBay Powerseller rating but its me.

To view my amazon store directly, click here.

Keep watching for more figures ^_^ (and yes I should be getting the cute Miyuki Takara Nendoroid figure you see above)

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