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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not the Typical Black Friday Post

Hey anime fans. Ok, you guys have probably had enough with the darn Black Friday promos going on. The economy created such a fear in the hearts of retailers that they are going to great (and stupid) efforts this year to sap you of any money. One very crazy and very desperate maneuver comes from the monopoly-hungry Walmart where they plan on being open all 24 hours of Thanksgiving!

My thoughts and prayers go to the workers of that and any retail location being open on a day that you should be with family. For Walmart workers, it's bad enough they have to deal with their typical customers on a daily basis, let alone the insanity of missing Turkey Day because some overly-scared marketing department has a bad case of we-don't-know-anything-better-to-do.

My inbox has gotten way too many "door buster deals" posts and it's only the Wednesday before the big weekend! Put on the radio, the TV, hell, watch your favorite anime on Hulu and you are bound to run into these crazy ads.

The point of my rather tongue-in-cheek post today is to say that you should spend some quality time with family. They might not be there the next day and thus take the time out to smell the roses and enjoy the holiday season, even if you are religious or not. Go buy gifts for your family and fellow otaku but remember the internet is probably a better place to be than the insanity of the malls. If you are working hard this weekend, try to keep your sanity. If you are to take on the holiday rush...be sure to respect those who are probably missing out on family time with all the most dire respects..and even defend them from the creatures that might roam the malls and stores this holiday season. As you guys know, I'm a retailer too and I'm not in any rush like the others are so make sure to be cool and not to fret.

...oh and as for those who are wondering if I'm to create a Black Friday deal...yes, I am. Keeping it short and simple (as it should be). *Starting Friday, (or sooner) until the end of Cyber Monday, ALL US orders have FREE shipping in my main store (here on this site) For my friends overseas; orders that go for $25+ shipping have been dropped to a flat $15 rate.  Whether its for a pre-order item that doesn't come out for months or something I currently have..the deal goes.*  Again, short and simple.

Ok, so I made a Black Friday pitch...but like the post says...it ain't a typical one.

(Anime Autumn wallpaper from http://blog.ephemeraleternity.com)

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