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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anime Store Feed

As some of you may know, I own an anime store and its an anime store run with an OsCommerce back-end. OsCommerce is frankly a do-it-yourself kind of set up. One rather important thing it originally didn't have was an rss feed for people to keep track of the newest figures, figure pre-orders and other anime products that get placed in the store. RSS feeds are obviously much better in automating the updates and making it easier for you guys to see if anything changes on a daily basis without having to go to the store's main page everyday (though I of course wouldn't mind that either ^_-). I took away the rather useless amazon product links that (sometimes) linked to my items on amazon.com to now have this feed. I also put it up on the new anime.fm page. OsCommerce does have a bunch of programmers that post up useful add-ons but as usual, I had to completely re-code the supposedly working add-ons to match my site -_- So lots of time was actually put into what should have been a quick deal.

Anyways, be sure to subscribe to it to keep up to date. You never know what figures, etc I might have up for pre-order or order ^_^

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