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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dragon Ball Kai

It's no joke that many anime fans have been horribly insulted by the Dragon Ball Evolution movie. Upset? Angry? Want 20th Century Fox to burn for all eternity?

Well, relax and forget about the obvious insult to anime fans that Hollywood love to throw out and sadly..will continue to do.

Just released in Japan a few hours ago was a new Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Kai. In short the series is a filler-less redo of the Dragon Ball Z series. Brand new animation and all the original voice actors (except for the late Seiyu of Tien) this is a God-sent for any anime fan...particularly DBZ fans who will surley cause some riots over the Hollywood insult.
Let's hope that the eventual American release for this does a few things:
  1. Doesn't take 15 years to get here like DBZ originally did
  2. Does not get watered down into a "kiddy cartoon"..as DBZ originally did in the original Ocean dub
  3. Gets put on to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim since CN has forsakend the very group of anime series that put them on the map. (Nobody gives a crap about King of the Hill, your own home-made garbage shows and we can simply watch Family Guy on Hulu.com)
  4. Creates an anime resurgence in the west

Anyways, here's the opening and ending sequences:

But wait there's more; Out on the 29th is an awesome looking Dragon Ball Kai Nintendo DS game.....sweet.


  1. I watched it live on KeyHole TV. It was "meh" since I've seen them all already, lol. I love the new OP and ED! ^_^ Oh yeah, there were a couple of commercials for some food product call "Momoya" that had a few WTF moments toward the end--this one especially (can't find the other one at the moment): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHtZ3OM7_qI

  2. awesome link... definitely a WTF moment

  3. Dragonball kai 2 sub is out at Bleach Shippuuden


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