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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Saiyan Energy Drink

Was browsing through one of my product suppliers and found this new energy drink. Created by Boston America. That's right...a DBZ Super Saiyan energy drink. A full case of 24 would run you about $70USD or about $3 a can.

For DBZ fans like myself, I'd just like the novelty of it and wouldn't care much for the drink itself.
Chances are like all other energy drinks, it probably has a super strong citrus flavor and enough sugar to make you diabetic in no time; but then again it probably does its purpose (shouldn't bash my own product line ^^;).

My favorite energy drink of all time though has to be XS Energy drink since they taste good, have loads of flavors and the drinks are actually good for you. (..and its not just because I market them, too ^^)

So, who'd drink or keep one of these?

Anyone got a favorite energy drink?

1 comment:

  1. I would buy that for the fun of it, too. But I'll just stick with the well known drinks. I started drinking that new Cola Redbull just recently. It's better than the regular Redbull which I can't drink alone without mixing it with another drink...by itself, it's tastes horrible. I also drink Vitamin Water which works just like an energy drink, but with less sugar than your regular drink.


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