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Monday, October 6, 2008

Newer Anime Forum

Was out for two days relaxing for the weekend and also cleaning up my huge anime inventory that I have to correctly add and count for my different stores. Anyway, got to work today on version 4 of the site by first upgrading the forum into the latest phpbb version and in a color scheme that better fits the site and the next version. Right now I'm using a badass pic of Lulu from Code Geass as the title pic but expect it to change to a random set of pictures plus a few more cosmetic changes. One major issue though as some of you might have noticed is that all the prior users and topics have been erase ^^;;;;;.

Looks like there was an error moving the database over to the new version and with the recent spamming done by some website named statuncore.com or something to that degree (beware of that site since it looks like they randomly add java code pages on your site!

Anyone who used the forum before I apologize for this but the newest version is now very secure and should hopefully be a better (and more populated) experiance.

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