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Monday, January 12, 2009

iPhone Dating Sim

Looks like the eroge, Gift is finally available at the Apple App Store. Only the Japanese version is out so if you are like me and still haven't learned your Japanese yet (^^;) don't fret, the English version will come out soon.

So glad to see a real anime app for once. A bit pricey though for an app at $12.99USD, but it might be worth it.

Check out the game's main site here.

A bit of a warning..there might be eroge CGs in your search.


  1. This is annoying lately with all the iPhone stuff because my windows mobile based phone can do most of this stuff for couple years now long before the iPhone and yet iphone gets all the cool stuff like this. It is also simple to make apps for the windows mobile phone so it isn't like its hard to make.

  2. Men you dont have a Iphone xD...

  3. There's a new iphone dating sim called LoveQuest. Get it here:



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