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Monday, September 1, 2008

CAS Version 4 Coming Soon

Happy Labor Day to all US visitors and today will probably not be much of a day off for yours truely but that's ok since today will be filled with me wrapping up loads of anime figures for the store. If I can take a break from all the boxing I should be on the way to start version 4.0 of this site. With the success of the blog this past year, the store, the recent news that Flash will be searchable and the inclution of my iPhone as a tool, a facelift is needed. What I plan on adding is the following: a mobile section for iPhone and other mobile users, a newer anime gallery that syncs with MobileMe or Flickr, user generated gallery, long awaited series sections, possible twitter feed and posting, and a better forum (since it's been rather dead as of months ago). With my job still eating lots of my creative time, expect me to take a bit of time on some of these (something I've been saying since the site's start ~_~) Let me know what features you'd want, be great to know, too.

Posted by ShoZu


  1. Better color scheme. :p

    Though I like the old-school outlook, red and orange gets to my eyes. >_<

    Still up to you though. I cannot think of any other features to add since I never access this using a mobile.

  2. I agree, I added the red with the version 2.0 http://www.chucksanimeshrine.com/chucksanimeshrine_version_2.jpg scheme. My colors actually come from a combo of newgrounds.com and my attempt to give that dark indoor feeling of a shrine...chances are all keep the mainly black background but I'll try to may it easy on the eyes of course ^^;;


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