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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chuck's Anime Shrine + Mile-Stone

In more anime business news, it was official as of this past Monday that my company has joined in a dealership with Japanese manufacturer, Mile-Stone. At around x-mas time and the beginning of 09, I will be receiving figures from them along with the other official anime distribution lines I have. This is great news for any collectors here in the US (and overseas, too) since this dealership has turned my business from retailer-ship to wholesaler-ship. Once I start receiving the figures from them and get my bearings straight, my 9-5 job's coffin will be locked and sealed with me not having to also rely on (but still will keep) my Swarovski line of products. If everything goes as planned, I'll most likely give lots of free shipping and maybe some other bonuses in the store. Check out mile-stone.jp to see what figures are in store for this site.

...Now I must learn Japanese, not just for my extended family but for my new business extended family ^^;


  1. Woohoo congrats.

    I know Elena only though, currently from Mile-Stone that is. Need to wait for reviews to see how good Mile-S will do in regards to figures, one must always be critical as a consumer. Congrats again nevertheless on landing a dealership with them!

  2. Thanks ^_^. Very true, you never know what the figures will really look like till you get the production model. Mile-Stone thankfully distributes other great figures from the big names and I have a good feeling Elena will be good...I can't get her from Mile-Stone directly though since I just missed the deadline to order but I'm sure I'll get her from my other distributors.


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