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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anime Fest 2008

It's official guys, both Danielle and I will be attending all three days of the upcoming New York Anime Fest 2008 on September 26th, 27th, 28th. Looks like the only good hotel that doesn't cost an arm an a leg is in Jersey but I'm sure it is going to be fun. The Japanese voice of Chobit's Chi, Rie Tanaka will be there along with Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D artist, Yoshitaka Amano along with mega voice actor, Steven Blum. G4 TV will be there along with Late Late Show Host Conan O' Brian and other celebs and there is going to be a Lucky Star Dance Contest held by Bandai. Doesn't look like we are going to really be cosplaying but on Saturday I will try to make myself noticable with a black Chinese outfit and the Haruhi Suzumiya arm band (yes much like Danny Choo but minus the Storm Trooper outfit ^ ^;) This is in case anyone wants to meet us. I will also try to get my Twitter posts live on the blog so I can send little messages and pics in real time via my iPhone's Twinkle app. More to come on this festival and if you are going to be there, let us know and we'll hopefully be able to tour the awesome events and maybe NYC for a bit.

1 comment:

  1. W00t, Tanaka Rie! <3

    Get an autograph or something from her haha.


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