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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inuyasha: Kuroi Tessaiga OVA Announced!

Hey, Inuyasha fans. I know a bunch of you are still there. Well, you are in for a great treat because the anime series will continue on and there is going to be more episodes!! This was to be expected since the manga just finished a few weeks back. Finally all the waiting and wondering on why the hell 4 years ago the series ended so abruptly and with an obvious need for more.. is now less stressful for you. Now the only worry you might have is why only one episode has been slated so far and not more. Inuyasha was at one point the highest selling anime so expect another huge batch of episodes. I just hope it doesn't drag on and on though...story progression is oh so needed. Anyways, expect the flood of new and old fans to of this series to be practically everywhere (again). News received yesterday thanks to DannyChoo.com member Artefact.

(I am a fan of it, too by the way ^ ^)


  1. FINALLY!!
    But my one question is how long will it take them to bring out the english dub episode?? I hope its not too long because I really don't like subbed there to hard to keep up with THEY GO WAY TO FAST!! My head is spinning just think about it!!

  2. inuyasha it's very strong with swords

  3. Just saw the last episode today for Season 6.2- totally not fair! They so need to contue the series or make a movie or something.

  4. you sould have the epiodes here on your wedsite that will be so cool i love thos show

  5. Ar..I heard it's just only a rumor.There're many Inuyasha the movie 5 traier but it was made by fan.

  6. yeah, it appears so. Apparently someone on yahoo q/a stated I had video on here. Don't know where that came from but All this post was, was to confirm the rumor.

  7. I hope this is not just a rumor. Inuyasha is the best anime that I've seen (even if I don't like the main character), and I too thought it was dumb for creator to end it the way she did.

  8. Damn it
    When Inuyasha next episodes will appear ?


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