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Friday, July 11, 2008

CAS Now Traceable on Alexa.com

Looks like here at Chuck's Anime Shrine the site's traffic continues to grow. As of a few days back, the site's traffic has finally reached high enough where it is now viewable on the number 1 tracking site alexa.com. As of this post, chucksanimeshrine.com ranks roughly 300,000 out of all the sites on the web in traffic but this site's weekly ranking is now at 170,000 of all sites. In other words, the site is on the grow and will probably beat the 100,000 rank in the coming months. At first I got scared this wouldn't happen because last week traffic fell horribly thanks to me cutting one of my traffic sources by accident ^ ^; A rough estimate shows that the entire site altogether gets about 500 unique viewers a day or about 15,000 a month. This is nothing compared to the 2.8 million my favorite site outside this one, dannychoo.com gets...but a ranking on Alexa at 170,000 sure beats the old ranking I had at the end of '07 at around 1,300,000.

I really want to thank the fans of the site for helping it continue to grow and I will continue to add more content to the site and also back into the anime galleries as well. FYI...there is a contest going on to win a free Fate/Stay Night Rin figure so jump on it if you can ^_^

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