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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Popopure Maid Cafe Lets You Dub Anime

Many have heard of the Maid Cafes in the otaku shopping district of Akihabara but none like this. Popopure Cafe has food served to hungry otaku by cute little maids but while you chow down on some yummy food, you might notice their big 50" TV with non-stop anime and the assorted anime framed pictures. Definitely artwork you'd rather view compared to the weird European "what-the-hell-am-I-looking-at" so-called artwork littered in the diners and restaurants here.
These items are normal in all Maid Cafes except here you can dub your own scenes in an anime.! The name of the anime is "Popo no Bōken" (The Adventures of Popo). Yes, funny name but an awesome idea. It's for only a few minutes and the anime has three character roles to fill in. If there are not enough people with you to play the parts, the maids will take the roles. After you finish dubbing, they give you a complementary DVD with all your performances.
Yet again, more otaku news that makes me wish I was not living in New York.

Via Anime News Network.


  1. 1,500 yen not a bad price for something like this.

    On my to do list definitely if I get to go there.

  2. maid cafes are now 10 years old, can you believe it?


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