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Thursday, April 24, 2008

New York's Amazon Tax Law & Other Tidbits

Here's yet another kind of off-topic item but I'll mention the Anime Store's connection in a bit, plus it has a bit to do with me of all people...well sort of. If you are in the US, you might have heard about the "Amazon Tax". New York State just passed a law that it now has outside retailers charge sales tax to customers in New York state so that they then pay New York for the transactions. Basically, New Yorkers are being forced to shop locally or be taxed. This law is a complete violation of a Supreme Court ruling so we'll see where it goes. The ruling has caused discussion on the local news at News 12 here on Long Island and one of the key speakers is actually my boss in my part-time job. You can see a mug shot of me here at the company's site which I am sadly the webmaster of!! The only reason I say "sadly" is that I have tried to fix the site's 1997 look but office politics prevent me to do so and the site is shown a number of times through-out the talk ~_~;;;
The company I work for has been in business on Long Island for 54 years so they benefit from this new tax law. The anime store here does too, but I honestly feel that New York is overstepping their grounds. If the video of the live talk goes on youtube, you'll see it below.

(I promise, you will see some anime girls and stuff in the upcoming blog posts. ^ ^;)

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