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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chucks Anime Shrine Aquires Anime.fm

No, this is not a late April fools joke. As of today I purchased the domain rights and the space for anime.fm. This site used to be an anime radio station but as one can expect, the bandwidth charges got too much for the former owner. Back before youtube and animemusicvideos.org when Chucks Anime Shrine was one of the very few places you would find amvs, I almost suffered the same fate. As much as I loved that everyone enjoyed our music videos, many people placed them in their forums, on the signatures in their forums and on their xanga (pre-myspace) page. Of course much has changed since 2003 and now web convergence, blogs, rss feeds and streams is the name of the game. The main goal for anime.fm is to make it an anime blog central location linking many anime blogs and the like and yes eventually as the site matures (and after making all the correct legal actions), I do wish to have streaming music from anime and video game titles.
If anyone has any ideas for the new site please pass them over to me. As for past fans of anime.fm, hopefully it is of some relief that an anime fan and site owner took over the site. Too many times I see sites get taken over by some loser domain purchaser who just turns the site into a bland sea of links that are nothing but google adsense links in order to profit from every click on the site. Misspell any popular site and you'll know what I mean.

(I'll also make sure to get a better logo soon too)


  1. hey Chuck, wonder if you've already knon about this, but you can edit the htaccess on your site to ward off leechers from xanga, myspace, etc.

  2. yep, did that's exactly how I saved the site from being leeched to death. lol, and I also put funny pics like you did in place of what they were trying to take.


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