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Monday, March 3, 2008

Tifa Lockhart Version II Resin Figure

Got some more Tifa goodness for you all. Since 2002 I've had the luxury of having this Tifa figure as the centerpiece above my computer here before me. This one is the version II model that came out all the way in 1997 and is in my opinion the best looking Tifa figure to date. The thing about it, is that it is made of resin which compared to PVC is much more fragile. I recently purchased the Aeris (Aerith) model from the same line but she died... I mean got busted along the way because of how fragile resin can be. Above and below you can see pictures I took with a photo tent and my Kodak Easyshare camera. Expect a figure gallery section soon that will show off some of the figures I kept for myself. This one and Mirei being my favs. I also have just took pictures of the resin Yuffie figure that stands right next to Tifa on top o f the computer desk. That'll be for a future post.

Also, I do promise to make better pictures than these. They are ok but can be much better.


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